Oral historical tradition

Austrian Exile Journalists in Resistance against National Socialism.

A video project by Dr. Manfred Bobrowsky

Department of Communication at the University of Vienna

As part of the course project, in the tradition of oral history, students conducted in-depthinterviews with Austrians who are not the well-known heroes of Austrian history, but people who contributed to the resistance against the Third Reich with all their given possibilities.

The focus was on people who, above all with their journalistic and artistic work, had taken up the struggle for the restoration of democratic Austria. In conversation with the grand children generation, they reveal personal and political aspects and draw a tangible (role) model of the possibilities of walking „upright“ in a totalitarian system.

In the two books „Geschichte spüren“; (Wien 1990, Picus, Auflage 2.500) „Schreiben im Widerstand“; (Wien 1993, Picus, Auflage 1.500) a total of 18 of the 51 „Oral Video-History-Documentations“; were published in written form.

Die mitwirkenden Studierenden von 1988-1996

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