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7th Kuopio Conference 2022. Session 7. Nikolaus Rappert: “Near, far, wherever they are…” Strategies for a Print-Book-Repository in Vienna [Video vom Vortrag]
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7th Kuopio Conference 2022: Review and Renew - Changing Strategies in Collection Management Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung am Freitag, dem 9. September 2022 in der Sky Lounge der Fakultät für Mathematik, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Wien Session 7. Nikolaus Rappert: “Near, far, wherever they are…” Strategies for a Print-Book-Repository in Vienna PDF-Version der Präsentation: Abstract: Having a collection of 7.7 million printed books and almost 50.000 active users, the Vienna University Library is struggling to provide enough space for both collections and library users. Especially in the Main Library (holding 2.9 million books), situated in the Main University Building in the city centre of Vienna, there is lack of space. Since the 1970s, there were several ideas of enlarging the main library’s stacks inside or around the building, but every single attempt failed. The unalterable prerequisite of each of those attempts was to keep the books next to the user areas. We started to question, whether the assumption is right, that printed books have to be as near as possible or if there could be organizational and logistic solutions, where the books could be stored a little bit farer away. Being the deputy director of Vienna University Library and Archive Services since 2010, Wolfgang Nikolaus Rappert is responsible for the institution’s special libraries and for all major library construction projects at the University of Vienna. He is a lecturer in Library and Information Studies both at the University of Vienna and at the Austrian National Library, teaching several subjects like Strategic Planning in Libraries, Project Management and Qualitative Conditions, Space, Function & Design of Library Buildings. He holds a doctoral degree in Theology, a master’s degree in Science (Library and Information Studies) and a master’s degree in Advanced Studies (Art Management). Kamera: Daniel Winkler Ton: Viktor Zdrachal Schnitt: Daniel Winkler
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