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What is Artificial Intelluigence?
An information scientific Research
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In our Age of Information, the new catchword, Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets established more and more. Till now I heard in this context the term Digital Age or fitting for our children the combination Digital Generation. So – how to understand this catchword? This term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very comprehensive one. Journalists or public speakers use it actually very often, because it includes all what sounds up to date and interesting new - in life and work. Most of us know: Information Technology (IT), and Industrial Production by robots are involved. It’s fascinating but not yet exact understandable. This term is not new; it was created about 1950 in USA but it’s content gets just now in center of actual IT-world. Scientific thinking people need and create more staying and definitive terms. They want understand connections to the original reasons. Therefore, I try in the following text a discussion of some headwords in this connection. We need to know, what AI is.
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Information Science, actual report
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ÖFOS 2012 -- 509015 -- Accident research
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