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Microscopic Entanglement Wedges from Bilocal Holography
Speaker / Lecturer
Robert de Mello Koch
Huzhou U
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We review the holographic duality between the free O(N) vector model and higher spin gravity. Conserved spinning primary currents of the conformal field theory (CFT) are dual to spinning gauge fields in the gravity. Reducing to independent components of the conserved CFT currents one finds two components at each spin. After gauge fixing the gravity and then reducing to independent components, one finds two components of the gauge field at each spin. Collective field theory provides a systematic way to map between these two sets of degrees of freedom, providing a complete and explicit identification between the dynamical degrees of freedom of the CFT and the dual gravity. The resulting map exhibits many features expected of holographic duality: it provides a valid bulk reconstruction, it reproduces insights expected from the holography of information and it provides a microscopic derivation of entanglement wedge reconstruction.
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Microscopic Entanglement WedgesBilocal Holography
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ÖFOS 2012 -- 101009 -- Geometry
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