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Testing Foundations of Quantum Mechanics at Different Energy Scales. Teil 7B: Yuji Hasegawa
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Workshop in Honour of Reinhold A. Bertlmann Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung der Fakultät für Physik der Universität Wien am Sonntag, dem 27. Juni 2010 im Seminar-Hotel Schneeberghof in Puchberg am Schneeberg Teil 7B: Yuji Hasegawa: Quantum Physics With Neutrons - Theory & Experiment (zweiter Teil) Moderation: Beatrix Hiesmayr Fundamental properties like coherence and entanglement are among the most interesting features of quantum mechanics. The physical system of interest is the neutron which is a proper object for the study of quantum mechanical behavior. An interferometer allows for quantum experiments on macroscopic scale and a polarimeter manages the neutron’s spin, one of the simplest two-level quantum system with high-efficient manipulation by magnetic fields. In combination with interferometric measurements the system has enough intrinsic richness to show remarkable quantum features. The coupling of the neutron to an external magnetic field allows for selective manipulations of the spinor quantum states and their energies. This can be used to create entangled states where the entanglement occurs between different degrees of freedom and, in addition, one can induce dephasing and decoherence by varying magnetic fields. This talk gives an overview over recent achievements in neutron interferometry. INHALT ====== Kapitel Titel Position --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Vorspann 00:00:00 2. Introduction 00:00:19 3. The uncertainty relation 00:08:02 4. Experimental scheme and setup 00:17:50 5. Results 00:29:10 6. Advantage of using neutrons 00:40:50 7. Entanglement between two-states 00:45:52 8. Kochen-Specker theorem 00:50:23 9. Summary 00:58:06
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