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o:440604 Hard to Ignore: Impulsive Buyers Show an Attentional Bias in Shopping Situations
o:440603 Visual Attention and Goal Pursuit: Deliberative and Implemental Mindsets Affect Breadth of Attention
o:440602 A Dual-Step and Dual-Process Model of Advertising Effects: Implications for Reducing the Negative Impact of Advertising on Children’s Consumption Behaviour
o:440484 Eyes wide shopped: Shopping situations trigger arousal in impulsive buyers
o:412815 Deepening the scope of the “economic model”: Functionalities, structures, mechanisms, and institutions
o:412814 How strong is the correlation between unemployment and growth really?: The persistence of Okun's Law and how to weaken it
o:412811 Implementing the Golden Rule for Public Investment in Europe: Safeguarding Public Investment and Supporting the Recovery
o:412810 Selection, Trade, and Employment: The Strategic Use of Subsidies
o:412808 On transformations in financing structure in an affluent society
o:412807 Green Agrowth as a Third Option: Removing the GDP-Growth Constraint on Human Progress
o:412796 Modeling Growth, Distribution, and the Environment in a Stock-Flow Consistent Framework
o:409731 The Europe 2020 strategy at midterm: Disappointing assessment calls for an urgent change driven by long run priorities
o:409725 Structural disparities in carbon dioxide consumption and trade in the world economy
o:409724 The Euro Plus Pact: Cost Competitiveness and External Capital Flows in the EU Countries
o:409723 Who Benefits from Big Government?: A Life Satisfaction Approach

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