Titel (eng): EVALUATION OF BIT PRESERVATION STRATEGIES: Paper - iPres 2010 - Vienna

Autor: Zierau, Eld
Bøgvad Kejser, Ulla
Kulovits, Hannes

Beschreibung (eng): This article describes a methodology which supports evaluation of bit preservation strategies for different digital materials. This includes evaluation of alternative bit preservation solutions. The methodology presented uses the preservation planning tool Plato for evaluations, and a BR-ReMS prototype to calculate measures for how well bit preservation requirements are met. Planning storage of different types of data as part of preservation planning involves classification of the data with regard to requirements on confidentiality, bit safety, availability and costs. Selection of storage parameters is quite complex since e.g. more copies of data means better bit safety, but higher cost and higher risk of compromising confidentiality. Based on a case study of a bit repository offering differentiated bit preservation solutions, the article will present results of using the methodology to make plans and choices of alternatives for different digital material with different requirements for bit integrity and confidentiality. This study shows that the methodology, including the tools used, is suitable for this purpose.

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