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o:795094 Exploring the flavor life cycle of beers with varying alcohol content
o:795093 Centrando la atención en las sensaciones corporales en un programa físico-deportivo terapéutico
o:795092 English partitives in Functional Discourse Grammar: types and constraints
o:795091 Quantitative in vivo phosphoproteomics reveals reversible signaling processes during nitrogen starvation and recovery in the biofuel model organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
o:795090 Reconstructing the muscular ground pattern of phylactolaemate bryozoans: first data from gelatinous representatives
o:795088 Bottled aqua incognita: microbiota assembly and dissolved organic matter diversity in natural mineral waters
o:795087 Physical fitness and anthropometric characteristics among adolescents living in urban or rural areas of Kosovo
o:795085 Evidence for changes in the occurrence, frequency or severity of human health impacts resulting from exposure to alien species in Europe: a systematic map
o:795084 Effectiveness, structure, and content of nurse counseling in gynecologic oncology: a systematic review
o:795067 Effects of muscle dysmorphia, social comparisons and body schema priming on desire for social interaction: an experimental approach
o:794857 Indication for selfing in geographically separated populations and evidence for Pleistocene survival within the Alps: the case of Cylindrus obtusus (Pulmonata: Helicidae)
o:794594 Unto the third generation: evidence for strong familial aggregation of physicians, psychologists, and psychotherapists among first-year medical and psychology students in a nationwide Austrian cohort census
o:794259 Hypermethylation of CDKN2A exon 2 in tumor, tumor-adjacent and tumor-distant tissues from breast cancer patients
o:794051 Ancestral and novel roles of Pax family genes in mollusks
o:793867 Synthesis and Characterization of Pure Ni and Ni-Sn Intermetallic Nanoparticles

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