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o:937310 Approaching nonsmooth nonconvex minimization through second-order proximal-gradient dynamical systems
o:937309 Functional impairment triggered by altertoxin II (ATXII) in intestinal cells in vitro: cross-talk between cytotoxicity and mechanotransduction
o:937308 Stationary sets added when forcing squares
o:937307 Don’t Talk About the Elephant: Silence and Ethnic Boundaries in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina
o:937306 Three new species of Stigmatodiscus from Mallorca (Spain)
o:937305 Rigidity of the Laughlin Liquid
o:937304 One color fits all: product category color norms and (a)typical package colors
o:937303 Incorporating statistical model error into the calculation of acceptability prices of contingent claims
o:937302 Selected papers from the workshop of the GOR Working Group Decision Theory and Applications 2017
o:937301 Optimal subgradient methods: computational properties for large-scale linear inverse problems
o:937300 Bottom-up attention capture with distractor and target singletons defined in the same (color) dimension is not a matter of feature uncertainty
o:937299 Stokes Phenomenon and Confluence in Non-autonomous Hamiltonian Systems
o:937298 Balancing in- and out-breeding by the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis
o:937297 Spectral Theory of Infinite Quantum Graphs
o:937296 Spectral estimates for infinite quantum graphs

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