Titel (eng): On the Complexity of Process Preservation: A Case Study on an E-Science Experiment: Poster - iPRES 2012 - Digital Curation Institute, iSchool, Toronto

Autor: Mayer, Rudolf
Strodl, Stephan
Rauber, Andreas

Beschreibung (eng): Digital preservation of (business) processes is an emerging topic in Digital Preservation research. Information technology driven processes are complex digital objects, living in an broad context of aspects relevant to their preservation. In this poster, we detail the broad environment of one sample process from the domain of E-Science, a genre classification experiment in the domain of Music Information Retrieval. We show the magnitude of aspects involved, on technology as well as organisational, legal and other aspects.

Sprache des Objekts: Englisch

Datum: 2012-11-01

Herausgeber: Digital Curation Institute, iSchool University of Toronto

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Klassifikation: iPRES, iSchool, Toronto, Canada, process preservation, case study, e-science, digital preservation

Conferences, Conference 2012

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