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Mainstreaming Preservation through Slicing and Dicing of Digital Repositories: Investigating Alternative Service and Resource Options for ContextMiner Using Data Grid Technology: Paper - iPRES 2009 - San Francisco


Christopher Lee

Chirag Shah

Chien-Yi Hou

Richard Marciano


A digital repository can be seen as a combination of services, resources, and policies. One of the fundamental design questions for digital repositories is how to break down the services and resources: who will have responsibility, where they will reside, and how they will interact. There is no single, optimal answer to this question. The most appropriate arrangement depends on many factors that vary across repository contexts and are very likely to change over time. This paper reports on our investigation and testing of various repository "slicing and dicing" scenarios, their potential benefits, and implications for implementation, administration, and service offerings. Vital considerations for each option (1) efficiencies of resource use, (2) management of dependencies across entities, and (3) the repository business model most appropriate to the participating organizations.

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iPRES, San Francisco

Conferences, Conference 2009

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