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Novel Workflows for Abstract Handling of Complex Interaction Processes in Digital Preservation: Paper - iPRES 2009 - San Francisco


Klaus Rechert

Jasper Schroder

Jeffrey van der Hoeven

Bill Roberts

Maurice van den Dobbelsteen

Randolph Welte

Dirk von Suchodoletz


The creation of most digital objects occurs solely in interactive graphical user interfaces which were available at the particular time period. Archiving and preservation organizations are posed with large amounts of such objects of various types. At some point they will need to, if possible, automatically process these to make them available to their users or convert them to a valid format. A substantial problem in creating an automated process is the availability of suitable tools. We are suggesting a new method, which uses an operating system and application independent interactive workflow for the migration of digital objects using an emulated environment. Success terms for the conception and functionality of emulation environments are therefore devised which should be applied to future long-term archiving methods.

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iPRES, San Francisco

Conferences, Conference 2009

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