Titel (eng): Defining Digital Curation through an Interactive, Informal Critical Delphi Approach: Poster - iPRES 2012 - Digital Curation Institute, iSchool, Toronto

Autor: Nordland, Lori Podolsky
Hank, Carolyn

Beschreibung (eng): Digital curation may be thought of as a set of strategies, technological approaches, and activities for establishing and developing trusted repositories, and ensuring long-term access to digital assets. It spans many disciplines and communities, as well as individuals seeking to maintain, preserve and add value to the ever-expanding body of digital content. This diversity has given way to ambiguity in defining digital curation, particularly in consideration of potentially synonymous terms, such as digital stewardship, preservation, and archiving. This poster will provide a forum for participants to challenge and engage in the dialogue that defines and describes digital curation.

Sprache des Objekts: Englisch

Datum: 2012-11-01

Herausgeber: Digital Curation Institute, iSchool University of Toronto

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Klassifikation: iPRES, iSchool, Toronto, Canada, digital curation, preservation, archives, definition, consensus

Conferences, Conference 2012

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