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RODA and Crib : A Service-Oriented Digital Repository: Paper - iPRES 2008 - London


José Carlos Ramalho

Luis Corujo

Francisco Barbedo

Rui Castro

Luis Faria

Miguel Ferreira


In 2006 the Portuguese National Archives (Directorate-General of the Portuguese Archives) engaged in the development of an OAIS compatible digital repository system for long-term preservation of digital material. Simultaneously, at the University of Minho a project called CRiB was being devised which aimed at the development of a wholesome set of services to aid digital preservation. Among those services were format converters, quality-assessment tools, preservation planning and automatic metadata production for retaining representations? authenticity. This paper provides a detailed description of both projects and discusses how these may be integrated into a complete digital preservation solution based on currently available archiving and preservation standards, e.g. OAIS, EAD, PREMIS, METS and ANSI/NISO Z39.87.

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iPRES, London

Conferences, Conference 2008

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