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Persistent Identifiers distributed system for Cultural Heritage digital objects: Paper - iPRES 2008 - London


Emanuele Bellini

Cristiano Fugazza

Ernesto Damiani

Maurizio Lunghi

Chiara Cirinnà


In this paper, we present a prototype with a novel resolution architecture for an URN based Persistent Identifiers (PI) system in Italy. We describe a distribute approach for implementing the NBN namespace system and illustrate the solutions adopted for the assignment and resolution of the identifiers with the hierarchical and peer-to-peer request forwarding. Starting from the core motivations for ‘persistent identifiers’ for digital objects, we draw up a state of art of PI technologies, standards and initiatives, like other NBN implementations. The prototype is still under development and we present the next steps, in particular we describe the interoperability perspective that already partially foresees the NBN prototype.

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iPRES, London

Conferences, Conference 2008

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