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The KB e-Depot in development Integrating research results in the library organisation: Paper - iPRES 2008 - London


Hilde van Wijngaarden

Marcel Ras

Frank Houtman


The mission of the KB e-Depot is to ensure permanent access to large quantities of digital resources in a national and international context. Operating an international e-journal archive at a relatively small organization such as the KB asks for a firm foundation of its policy. With support from the Dutch government, the KB has succeeded in setting up two expert teams: an operational team responsible for daily operations of the e-Depot (based in the Acquisitions & Processing Division) and an active research team that secures continuing research and development to secure long-term preservation and perpetual access to electronic information (based in the Research & Development Division). The experience gained in operating an archive is directly used in system- and process improvements. As are the results of the projects in which the R&D team is involved. The organisation around the e-Depot is based on this pragmatic approach.

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iPRES, London

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