Titel (eng): An Open-Source System for Automatic Policy-Based Collaborative Archival Replication: Paper - iPRES 2011 - Singapore

Autor: Christian, Thu-Mai
Altman, Micah
McGovern, Nancy
Crabtree, Jonathan

Beschreibung (eng): In this poster, we provide an overview of the SafeArchive system and describe how a curator can use the tools to generate an archival policy schema and monitor compliance. Also, the poster details the technical implementation of the SafeArchive system including the policy schema, how information used in the auditing process is obtained from a set of LOCKSS peers without modifying the LOCKSS trust model or configuration, and the organization of SafeArchive software components.

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Klassifikation: iPRES, Singapore, Audit, Open-Source, Policy, LOCKSS, TRAC, Preservation, Archive

Conferences, Conference 2011

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