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Long-Term Storage Features of Optical Disks According to Recording Conditions: Paper - iPRES 2011 - Singapore


Kwan-Yong Lee

Young-Joo Kim

Won-Ik Cho

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Optical disks are widely used in libraries and archives as digital data media due to their long-term storage stability. Though archive-grade optical disks are already available on the market, there is relative less focus on the reliable recording conditions. Commercial DVD-R media were recorded at various recording speeds with the maximum speed of 16X, and tested at acceleration aging conditions. Through the evaluation of longterm storage features by the data stability test, a higher recording speed over 12x resulted in better long-term storage stability.

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iPRES, Singapore, Long-term data storage, Optical disks, Archival application, Recording condition, Data stability

Conferences, Conference 2011

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