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Capitalizing on the State-of-the-Art in Preserving Complex Visual Digital Objects: The POCOS Project: Paper - iPRES 2011 - Singapore


Leo Konstantelos

Drew Baker

Clive Billenness

Milena Dobreva

Janet Delve

Sonia Séfi

Vincent Joguin

Richard Beacham

David Anderson


Complex visual digital objects and environments present the digital preservation community with distinct challenges. Complex visual objects predominantly feature interactivity properties, timebased components and intricate interdependencies which incorporate composite, heterogeneous, and often bespoke technologies. Work recently undertaken in major EC-funded projects has highlighted that continuing progress in preserving complex digital materials is achievable through engagement with relevant communities and amalgamation of research results and emerging good practices. The JISC-funded project Preservation of Complex Objects Symposia (POCOS) addresses these issues by creating a template for leading researchers and practitioners to present their findings and set out the future directives in this field.
To this end, POCOS will deliver a series of three symposia focusing on three respective areas: Simulations and Visualizations, Software-based Art and Gaming Environments and Virtual Worlds. POCOS aims to promote broader appreciation of the state-of-the art in preserving complex objects, provide input to collections management and create fertile ground for future collaborations between academia and industry.

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iPRES, Singapore, complex visual objects, digital preservation, software art, simulations and visualizations, gaming environments

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