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Towards A Preservation Content Model for Numeric Data Collections: PREMIS and FEDORA: Presentation - iPRES 2006 - Ithaca


David Gewirtz

Gretchen Gano


This session will outline the workflow associated with migrating social science data collections into FEDORA, focusing on the implementation of PREMIS metadata as a component of the submission information package (SIP). Presenters will identify how the PREMIS data model serves to specialize the packaging of the SIP so that access aids can exploit the information package when it is transformed into an archival information package (AIP). Presenters will outline an example expression of PREMIS for social science datasets and will demonstrate how this metadata may be stored in a FEDORA repository. Data management issues including normalization will also be explored. Examples from the ongoing project to migrate the Yale Social Science Data Archive from a postgreSQL database into FEDORA will be provided.

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iPRES, Ithaca

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