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Web Archive Switzerland: Presentation - iPRES 2006 - Ithaca


Barbara Signori


Web Archive Switzerland is a pilot project undertaken in collaboration with the Swiss Cantonal libraries as part of the e-Helvetica Project at the Swiss National Library (SNL). The mission of the SNL and the Swiss Cantonal libraries is to collect and archive all Swiss publications, both printed and electronic. The objective of the e-Helvetica Project is to fulfill this mission for electronic publications. The Web Archive Switzerland pilot project recently designed and tested a shared workflow for selecting, collecting, cataloguing, archiving and disseminating non-commercial Swiss web resources. Within the workflow the Cantonal libraries are responsible for the identification, selection and announcement of data on the Web. The SNL is responsible for the web-harvesting (objects and rights), cataloguing, archiving and dissemination of those identified web resources. The aim of this co-operation is to share resources and knowledge. This presentation will give some historical context to Web Archive Switzerland and discuss the collaboration with the Cantonal libraries and the shared workflow. The approach chosen for selecting, cataloguing and harvesting the web resources will be highlighted as well as our experiences to date. The presentation will conclude with some ideas on how we are planning to disseminate the web resources. For further information on the e-Helvetica Project (in German and French), see: <http://www.e-helvetica.ch>

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