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CADSL: China Archives of Digital Scientific Literature Initiative: Presentation - iPRES 2006 - Ithaca


Xiaolin Zhang


Dr. Zhang will present the China Archives of Digital Scientific Literature (CADSL) Initiative, proposed to the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, as the result of a feasibility study by the National Science and Technology Library of China. Based on a need and crisis analysis, a distributed network of trusted archives with sustainable planning and administration mechanisms is suggested to preserve digital scientific information resources, including foreign published literature, home-grown literature, and scientific web resources. Outlined in the proposed initiative is (1) a distributed and shared system of responsibility to archive the targeted resources, (2) a framework of guidelines for intellectual property protection of preserved materials, (3) an open and continuous certification process for trusted repositories, (4) a rigorous set of outlines of technological, workflow management, service level agreement requirements for prospective archives, and (5) a public and yet competitive funding mechanism to utilize multiple resources for the initiative. Ways to mobilize research and educational institutions into the initiatives and future efforts to promote and collaborate with scientific data preservation and cultural heritage preservation are discussed in the end.

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iPRES, Ithaca

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