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5. Workshop "Quantum Effects in Biological Systems" (QuEBS 2013)


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5. Workshop "Quantum Effects in Biological Systems" (QuEBS 2013)

Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung des Instituts für Molekulare Biotechnologie (IMBA) von Samstag, dem 29. Juni bis Mittwoch, den 3. Juli 2013

- Teil 1: Martin Plenio: "Noise, coherence and control"

Session 1: Approaching Biology as a Physicist
- Teil 2: Vortrag von Fred Wolf: "Mathematical Invariants of Brain Architecture Explained Using Symmetries and Fields"
- Teil 3: Gašper Tkačik: "Recent Progress in Understanding the Population Code of the Retina"
- Teil 4: Bojan Zagrovic: "Two Elephants in the Room: On the Role of Cytosolic Microphase Transitions and Conformational Entropy in Biomolecular Interactions"

Session 2: Vibrational Spectroscopy and Phenomena in Biomolecular Systems
- Teil 5: Philipp Kukura: "Probing the Origins of Efficient Photobiology with Vibrational Coherence"
- Teil 6: Jürgen Hauer: "Signatures of Vibronic and Vibrational Coherences in Electronic 2D-Spectra of Molecular Monomers and Aggregates"
- Teil 7: Tobias Kramer: "Disentangling Vibronic and Electronic Signals in 2D Echo Spectra"
- Teil 8: Jeffrey Davis: "Experimental Studies of the Interactions between Electronic and Vibrational Coherences"
- Teil 9: Massimo Olivucci: "Insight into the Molecular Mechanism of the Dark Activation of Visual Pigments from Computational Photobiology"
- Teil 10: Craig Lincoln: "Single- and Double-Quantum Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy Refine the Energy Level Scheme of β-carotene"
- Teil 11: Roel Tempelaar: "Unveiling the Vibronic Effect on Exciton Coherences in a Molecular Dimer"
- Teil 12: Joachim Heberle: "Probing Photon and Electron-Driven Membrane Proteins by Time-Resolved and Surface-Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy"
- Teil 13: Efthimios Skoulakis: "Smelling Molecular Vibrations"

Session 3: Magnetoreception
- Teil 14: Hans Briegel: "Projective Simulation as a Model for Learning"
- Teil 15: Peter J. Hore: "Chemical Magnetoreception - Quantum Biology of Cryptochromes"
- Teil 16: Markus Tiersch: "Entanglement Lifetime-Based Magnetic Field Measurements with Chemical Magnetometers"
- Teil 17: Jianming Cai: "Chemical Compass for Avian Magnetoreception as a Quantum Coherent Device"
- Teil 18: David Keays: "The Search for Magnetoreceptors - Iron-Rich Sensory Neurons in the Pigeon Columba livia"
- Teil 19: Henrik Mouritsen: "Magnetic Compass Orientation in Migratory Birds - Behavioral, Molecular and Neurobiological Evidence"

Session 4: Photosynthesis
- Teil 20: Margherita Maiuri: "Explaining the Temperature Dependence of Spirilloxanthin's S* Signal by an Inhomogeneous Ground State Model"
- Teil 21: Alan Aspuru-Guzik: "Unraveling the secrets of Green Sulfur Bacteria's photosynthetic Apparatus"
- Teil 22: Klaus Schulten: "Quantum Biology of a Magnetic Sense: Physical Principle, Chemical Reality, Biological Purpose"
- Teil 23: Jianshu Cao und Javier Cerrillo: "Coherent Energy Transfer in Light-Harvesting Systems"
- Teil 24: Tomáš Mančal: "Excitation Energy Transfer in a Classical Analogue of Photosynthetic Antennae"
- Teil 25: Jan Roden: "Energy Transfer and Coherence in the PSII Super Complex"
- Teil 26: Jacob Krich: "Distinguishing Excitonic from Vibronic Oscillations with Ultrafast Pump-Probe Spectroscopy"
- Teil 27: Dario Polli: "Tracing of Backward Energy Transfer from LH2 to LH1 in Photosynthetic Membranes Grown under High and Low Irradiation"
- Teil 28: Agata Branczyk: "Incoherent Light vs. Ultrafast Pulses"

Session 5: Emerging Approaches and Techniques
- Teil 29: Elisabet Romero: "Photosynthesis Exploits Quantum Coherence for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion"
- Teil 30: Javier Prior: "Compressed Sampling and Wavelet Transformation: Signal Processing for Quantum Biology"
- Teil 31: Niek F. van Hulst: "Addressing Quantum Coherence on the Nanoscale"
- Teil 32: Arno Rauschenbeutel: "Interfacing and Investigating Molecules Using Optical Nanofibers"
- Teil 33: André Stefanov: "Broadband Energy-Entangled Photons for Light-Matter Interaction and Quantum Information"
- Teil 34: Lev Mourokh: "Bio-Inspired Nanostructures - From Actual Biological Systems Through Physical Models to Semiconductor Counterparts"
- Teil 35: Francesco Petruccione: "Microscopic Derivation of Open Quantum Walks for Biological Ratchet Models"
- Teil 36: Markus Raschke: "Prospect of Quantum Coherent Interaction and Control with Optical Antennas"
- Teil 37: Jörg Wrachtrup: "Quantum Probes for Things that Matter in Life"
- Teil 38: Jacob Sanders: "Compressed Sensing for Molecular Spectroscopy"
- Teil 39: Filippo Caruso: "Geometry vs. Noise: Towards Biomimetic Efficient Transport Networks"
- Teil 40: Markus Arndt: "Quantum Interference Assisted Metrology on Biomaterials"

Kamera und Ton: Gerlinde Fritz, Daniel Winkler, Maarten Fox, Jonathan Tinsley
Schnitt: Daniel Winkler
Musik: sleep,

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