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ELDIA conference material: Calls, programmes etc. of ELDIA events


Johanna Laakso


Conference calls, programmes and other material of events organised by the research project ELDIA

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o:303682 Media Discourse Analysis (poster)
o:303681 Legal and institutional frameworks of languages in Europe (poster)
o:303680 Veps in Russia (poster)
o:303679 Meänkieli in Sweden (poster)
o:303678 Hungarians in Slovenia (poster)
o:303677 Karelian in Russia (poster)
o:303676 North Sámi in Norway (poster)
o:303675 Kven in Norway (poster)
o:303674 Karelian in Finland (poster)
o:303673 Võro in Estonia (poster)
o:303672 Seto in Estonia (poster)
o:303671 Estonians in Germany (poster)
o:303670 Estonians in Finland (poster)
o:303669 Hungarians in Austria (poster)
o:303668 ELDIA (general poster)

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