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Sustainable Data Preservation using datorium – facilitating the Scientific Ideal of Data Sharing in the Social Sciences : Paper - iPres 2013 - Lisbon


Monika Linne


This paper introduces datorium - a digital data preservation project at the Data Archive of GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. datorium is a new data repository service for the research community. It functions as a web-based data sharing repository providing a user-friendly tool for researchers making data accessible for the purpose of re-use by other scholars. Sharing, managing, documenting and publishing data, structured metadata and publications will be carried out autonomously by researchers. Data and related information will be available free of charge. All uploaded research data and documentation will be peer-reviewed and digitally preserved by the GESIS Data Archive.
GESIS promotes data sharing as a scholarly ideal and facilitates cooperation between researchers. By developing datorium the Data Archive aims to collect and provide research data with a wide thematic scope for academic re-use. A further intention is to ensure long-term preservation of archived data and metadata as well as providing wide-ranging dissemination possibilities for scholars in order to increase the visibility and availability of their research projects. By providing access to their research data scholars can support new research or secondary analysis and beyond that they profit from increased citations of their work, thereby improving their professional reputation.

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datorium, Social Science Research Data, Research Data Management, Data Repository, Digital Preservation, Data Sharing, Data Archiving, iPRES, Lisbon

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