Titel (eng): Executive Summary: Researchers and their Data. Results of an Austria-wide survey (English)

Autor: Bauer, Bruno
Ferus, Andreas
Gorraiz, Juan
Gumpenberger, Christian

Beteiligte Personen: Meyer, Tom

Beschreibung (eng): This Executive Summary provides an overview of the Austria-wide survey for research data, which was carried out within the framework of the project e-Infrastructures Austria at the beginning of 2015. This survey was directed at the scientific and artistic-scientific personnel of 20 public universities and three extramural research institutions in Austria.

Sprache des Objekts: Englisch

Datum: 2015-10-12

Datum: 2015-10-12

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Klassifikation: Austria; public university; extramural research institution; researcher; research data management (rdm); e-Infrastructures Austria; survey; report

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