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Openaire v3.0 collection


Rastislavh Hudak

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Openaire v3.0 collection

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o:9994 Briefe aus Berlin über verschiedene Paradoxe dieses Zeitalters - Band 2
o:93 Hortus Malabaricus
o:907469 Catalogue des orchidées cultivées au Jardin Botanique de l'Université à Leide
o:907438 How to Phaidra : Upload von Dateien und Erstellen von Collections
o:907437 Exemplars: Showing rather than telling
o:907436 Round-up: Giving and Receiving (peer) feedback
o:907435 Self-assessment: Giving students a say
o:907434 Feedback to students: Practise what you (are) preach(ed)
o:907433 Empirical feedback: More than just a dry run
o:907432 Peer 'feedworward': Back to the future
o:907431 Reflective dialogues: Think twice!
o:906129 Catalogue de la collection de plantes grasses : contenant Cactées, Agaves, Aloes, Euphorbias, Stapelias, etc.
o:906081 Enumeratio specierum generis Daphnes
o:906023 Orchideae, in the collection of Conrad Loddiges and Sons, Hackney, near London
o:905894 Skriptum LaTeX statt Word

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