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A Method for the Systematic Generation of Audit Logs in a Digital Preservation Environment and Its Experimental Implementation In a Production Ready System


Xu, Hao
Coposky, Jason
Bedard, Dan
Ward, Jewel
Russell, Terrell
Rajasekar, Arcot
Moore, Reagan
Keller, Ben
Greer, Zoey

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In a digital preservation environment there is a need for a complete auditing of the change of the system state. A complete log ensures that the properties of the objects in the system can be verified. Modern data management systems such as the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) allow administrators to configure complex policies. Pre- or
post-operation, these policies can trigger other state changing operations. In this paper, we describe a method that allows us - given a complete list of state changing operations - to generate a complete audit log of the system. We
also describe an experimental implementation of the framework. An important advantage of our method is that not only do we build on sound theoretical foundations, but we
also validate the methodology in a production ready environment which has undergone substantial quality control. The implementation of our method can be distributed as a
turnkey solution that is ready to deploy, which significantly shortens the gap between theoretical development and practical applications.

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School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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audit log, production system, implementation, digital preser- vation, policies, automated log generation

Conferences, Conference 2015

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