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Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Digital Preservation


Lee, Christopher
Zierau, Eld
Woods, Kam
Tibbo, Helen
Pennock, Maureen
Maeda, Yukio
McGovern, Nancy
Konstantelos, Leo
Crabtree, Jonathan

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The 12th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES) was held on November 2-6, 2015 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. There were 327 delegates from 22 countries. The program included 12 long papers, 15 short papers, 33 posters, 3 demos, 6 workshops, 3 tutorials and 5 panels, as well as several interactive sessions and a Digital Preservation Showcase.

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School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


digital preservation, digital curation, iPRES, Chapel Hill

Conferences, Conference 2015

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o:429626 Fedora 4 Tutorial
o:429625 From Theory to Practice: Using ISO 16363
o:429624 Roles and Responsibilities for Sustaining Open Source Platforms and Tools
o:429623 Using Open-Source Tools to Fulfill Digital Preservation Requirements
o:429622 PREMIS Implementation Fair Workshop
o:429621 Benchmarking Forum
o:429620 Testing the Proposed METS 2.0 Data Model against Use Cases and Complementary Data Models: Presentations and Community Discussion
o:429619 Data Mining Web Archives
o:429612 Automatic Identification and Preservation of National Parts of the Internet Outside a Country’s Top Level Domain
o:429611 Research on Accessibility of Digital Documentation on Physical Media across Different Versions of MS Windows
o:429610 Preserving Informal Astronomy: Arceli, the PressForward Plugin, and the Archiving of Scientific Communications
o:429609 Using the Virtual-Private Cloud Model to Serve and Preserve Historical Collections: A Case Study (Based on Islandora)
o:429608 Strategies for Audit-Based Repository Certification: Guidelines, Resources, and Tools to Prepare, Organize, and Evaluate Criteria Evidence
o:429607 Targeting Audiences among the Masses: A Data Curation MOOC for Researchers and Information Professionals
o:429604 Making the Pieces Fit: Integrating Preservation into a Digital Material Ecosystem

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