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Applied Interoperability in Digital Preservation: Paper - iPRES 2016 - Swiss National Library, Bern


Kuldar Aas

Janet Delve

Andrew Wilson


  Swiss National Library, Bern

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This paper describes the interoperability solutions which have been developed in the context of the E-ARK project. The project has, since February 2014, tackled the need for more interoperability and collaboration between preservation organizations. The solutions being developed include harmonized specifications for Submission, Archival and Dissemination Information Packages; and pre-ingest and access workflows. Furthermore, the specifications have been implemented using a range of software tools and piloted in real-life scenarios in various European archival institutions.
This paper provides a statement on the need for interoperability, and an overview of the necessary specifications and tools, and it calls for preservation organizations to continue collaboration beyond the lifetime of the E-ARK project.

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