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Focus on Open Science / Perspective for Libraries


Martin Gasteiner



The purpose of these short interviews is to introduce the concept and values of the Open Science agenda to new communities.

The Interviews can be seen as an introduction to the process of change which Open Science brings. The interview partners will offer  insights on their perspective on research libraries and its projects. 
Open Access, Research Data Management, E-Infrastructures and Citizen Science are deeply interconnected and form a building block that represents a future role for libraries.

Context: Chapter I: Vienna, Citizen Science, Research Data, Access to Knowledge, and Beyond

This one-day seminar will cover critical topics including Citizen Science, Research Data Management and Long-tail Data, and Offsetting Models.


Paolo Budroni, Vienna University Library, Austrian Open Science Support Group
Dr. Paul Ayris, Pro-Vice- Provost (UCL Library Services), Chief Executive, UCL Press, co-Chair of the LERU INFO Community (League of European Research Universities), Adviser to the LIBER Board;
Prof. Dr. Daniel Wyler, Delegate of the President, for Strategic Projects at University of Zurich;
Dr. Ignasi Labastida i Juan, Head of the Research and Innovation Unit of the CRAI at the University of Barcelona;
Liam Earney, Director of Jisc Collections, UK;
Colleen Campbell, Partner Development at Max Planck Digital Library;
Jeannette Frey, Director of BCU Lausanne and Vice-President of LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries;.
For more information, please see the website.

Organizers at local host in Vienna:
Paolo Budroni, Barbara Sánchez Solís,
Interviews: Martin Gasteiner
All: Vienna University Library

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