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Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in the Humanities


Simon Ganahl   University of Vienna


Article PDF and figures of Simon Ganahl: "Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in the Humanities", in: spheres: Journal for Digital Cultures, #1: Politics after Networks (2018), URL:

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o:893996 Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in the Humanities
o:884519 Fig. 20: Student map of venepuncture
o:884518 Fig. 19: Student map of cooking espresso
o:884517 Fig. 18: Student map of paragliding
o:884516 Fig. 17: Student map of waking up
o:884515 Fig. 16: Student map of playing sounds
o:884514 Fig. 15: Student map of unboxing an iPhone
o:884513 Fig. 14: Student map of hookah smoking
o:884512 Fig. 13: Data model of (2.0)
o:884510 Fig. 12: Layout of (2.0)
o:884509 Fig. 11: Layout of (2.0)
o:884501 Fig. 10: Layout of (2.0)
o:884486 Fig. 9: Mediator icons of (2.0)
o:884477 Fig. 8: Mediations table of (2.0)
o:884464 Fig. 7: Layout of (2.0)

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