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Workshop »Relativistic Quantum Information North 2018«


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Workshop »Relativistic Quantum Information North 2018«

Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung des Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) in der Zeit von Montag, dem 24. bis Donnerstag, den 27. September 2018 im Christian Doppler-Hörsaal der Fakultät für Physik

- Teil 1: Eröffnung
- Teil 2: Astrid Eichhorn: "Towards an understanding of the quantum-gravity matter interplay"
- Teil 3: Stefano Liberati: "Quantum gravity phenomenology: an overview"
- Teil 4: William Unruh (kein Titel angegeben)
- Teil 5: Alexander Smith: "Quantizing time: Interacting clocks and systems"
- Teil 6: Jose de Ramón: "The Unruh effect without thermality"
- Teil 7: Rafael Sorkin: "Persistence of zero as an intrinsic causality criterion"
- Teil 8: Valentina Baccetti: "Energy-momentum tensor near the Schwarzschild radius and conditions on black hole evaporation"
- Teil 9: Marco Letizia: "Entanglement entropy of quantum fields in causal sets"
- Teil 10: Daniel Greenberger: "The case for mass and proper time as dynamical variables"
- Teil 11: Hartmut Abele: "Quantum Information and qBounce, the Quantum Bouncing Ball"
- Teil 12: Dennis Rätzel: "Optical resonators in curved spacetime"
- Teil 13: Tobias Westphal: "A micromechanical proof of principle experiment gravitational force of milligram masses"
- Teil 14: Silke Weinfurtner: "Hydrodynamic rotating black holes - superradiance, geodesics and ringdown"
- Teil 15: Rupert Ursin: "Quantum optics experiment in a relativistic environment"
- Teil 16: Ralf Schützhold: "Interaction of a Bose-Einstein condensate with a gravitational wave"
- Teil 17: Sofia Qvarfort: "Gravimetry through non-linear optomechanics"
- Teil 18: Fabienne Schneiter (vertreten durch Dennis Rätzel): "The gravitational field of a laser beam"
- Teil 19: Fabio Costa: "Algebraic quantum fields with quantum causal structure"
- Teil 20: Tobias Osborne: "Locality and tensor network models for spacetime"
- Teil 21: Mercedes Martín-Benito: "Challenging area laws: Are black holes really the ultimate entrops?"
- Teil 22: Igor Pikovski: "Gravitational coupling to composite quantum systems"
- Teil 23: Nitica Sakharwade: "A toy model for quantum causality in finite topological spaces"
- Teil 24: Flaminia Giacomini: "Quantum mechanics and the covariance of physical laws in quantum reference frames"
- Teil 25: Allison Sachs: "Two detectors walk into a field..."
- Teil 26: Robert Wald: "Quantum superposition of massive objects and the quantization of gravity"
- Teil 27: Sougato Bose: "Testing the quantum coherent behaviour of gravity"
- Teil 28: Miles Blencowe: "Gravitational decoherence"
- Teil 29: Giovanni Amelino-Camelia: "The different notions of observer used in quantum theory and in relativity"
- Teil 30: Magdalena Zych: "Relativity of quantum superpositions"
- Teil 31: Nadine Stritzelberger: "Delocalization radiation"
- Teil 32: Aida Ahmadzadegan: "Quantum shockwave communication"
- Teil 33: Lucien Hardy: "Operational quantum gravity"
- Teil 34: Mark Kasevich: "Tests of quantum mechanics and gravitation with atom interferometry"
- Teil 35: Jason Pye: "Lorentz-covariant generalised uncertainty principles"
- Teil 36: Maria Papageorgiou: "Impact of relativity on localizability and vacuum entanglement"
- Teil 37: Adrian Kent: "Quantum summoning: theory and applications"
- Teil 38: Paul Alsing: "A Quantum optical model for unitary black hole evaporation without firewalls"
- Teil 39: Timothy Ralph: "Weak values, Bohmian trajectories and relativity"
- Teil 40: Jorma Louko: Closing remarks

Abstract: Relativistic Quantum Information (RQI) is a recently-born research field addressing questions at the interplay of quantum information and relativistic physics. On the one hand, RQI aims to extend the applicability of quantum information to regimes in which relativistic effects become relevant. On the other hand, it uses information-related ideas to investigate the fundamental structure of spacetime. RQI is a multidisciplinary research field with far-reaching objectives, going from future large-scale quantum technologies to the understanding of gravity and spacetime at the quantum level. The Relativistic Quantum Information – North 2018 Conference at the University of Vienna is held under the auspices of the International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information and is the ninth in the series of such meetings taking place in the Northern Hemisphere. This workshop series aims to bring together researchers working across quantum information science, quantum field theory in curved spacetime, and quantum gravity.

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