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Conceptual Framework for the Use of the Service-oriented Architecture-Approach in the Digital Preservation: Paper - iPRES 2008 - London


Christian Saul

Fanny Klett


This paper presents a conceptual framework for the use of the SOA1-approach in the digital preservation. The focus of this work reflects the service composition part within the SOA service concept. Previously released approaches have been separately using process-oriented models to describe the behaviour of services, and structure composition models to represent service interactions. In this paper, the authors attempt to combine the even mentioned disjunctive models to obtain a comprehensive model, which represents both, the structure and the behaviour of the services. For this purpose, the novel SCA2-BPEL3 serves as basis for the implementation in a future-oriented SOA-compliant digital preservation software system. The SCA-model specifies the architecture of the intended system, while the BPEL-model indicates the behavior of each service, which is defined in the SCA-model. We can conclude that the SCA-BPEL approach is well-suited for building a scalable, adaptable and service-oriented software system. The knowledge gained from the conceptual framework will serve as a basis for future digital preservation developments.

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iPRES, London, Service oriented Architectures, Digital Preservation, Service Component Architecture, Business Process Execution Language

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