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Transformation Rules for Model Migration in Relational Database Preservation: Paper - iPRES 2011 - Singapore


Arif Ur Rahman

Cristina Ribeiro

Gabriel David


Digital preservation is about memory and giving easy access to it. If the digital object is a relational database the requirements of normalization may make it hard to access and understand. In order to deal with this problem we have proposed the DBPreserve approach to transform a relational database to a dimensional model as part of the preservation process, making the preserved information more explicit and easier to access. The paper presents a set of transformation rules to deal with aspects of the migration process such as the identification of the fact tables corresponding to the main organizational processes and the choice of the set of relevant dimensions. The rules help to keep the traceability of the migration process and to preserve integrity and authenticity. The rules were implemented in a case study which involved a human resources information system.

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iPRES, Singapore, database preservation, database transformation rules

Conferences, Conference 2011

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