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Benefits of geographical, organizational and collection factors in digital preservation cooperations: The experience of the Goportis consortium: Paper - iPres 2013 - Lisbon


Michelle Lindlar

Yvonne Friese

Elisabeth Müller

Thomas Bähr

Anja von Trosdorf


Digital preservation is a resource intensive task, requiring specific systems, well-trained staff and an ongoing commitment to adopt new strategies and approaches as technology and/or user expectations change over the course of time. Cooperations to tackle this task are not a new idea - one of the first reports on digital preservation, commissioned by the Center for Preservation and Access (CPA) and the Research Library Group (RLG), recommended a "national system of digital archives” [12]. In the library context consortia date back to the 1970s, where they rose in the context of shared cataloguing efforts. Over the years experiences have been gained in different forms of cooperations and consortia. Some are focused on a grouping of institutions based on institution type or regional factors, while others are more cross-sectional services, focused around factors like material type. The Leibniz Library Network for Research Information (Goportis) consists of the three German National Subject Libraries [19]. Goportis conducted a digital preservation pilot project between the years 2009-2011 and is now operating a collaboratively used central digital preservation system. The paper highlights the lessons learned from experiences in the collaborative approach to digital preservation, focusing on the influence the factors "geographical location", "organization type" and "collection" have on a shared system implementation and operation. Based on a literature study of international best practices, guidelines and recommendations a thesis will be formulated for each of the three factors, which will then be checked against the experience gained by the Goportis consortium.

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