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TAP: A Tiered Preservation Model for Digital Resources: Paper - iPres 2013 - Lisbon


Umar Qasim

Sharon Farnel

John Huck


Rapid changes in the field of technology and exponential increase in the volume of digital content makes long-term preservation of institutional resources a challenging task. Digital preservation requires a commitment for applying preservation actions along with continuous monitoring and management of the preserved resources. The expense of these actions mean that a memory institution needs to make choices about what level of preservation it can afford to provide for a resource when it makes a commitment to preserve it. This paper presents a tiered model to determine preservation levels for digital content, based on an assessment that considers three factors: type of resource, archival responsibility, and projected preservability of the resource (TAP). The paper presents a practical, exible approach to a complex set of factors and includes examples of how the model can be applied at an academic library.

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iPRES, Lisbon

Conferences, Conference 2013

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