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The Data-at-Risk Initiative: A Metadata Scheme for Documenting Data Rescue Activities: Paper - iPres 2013 - Lisbon


Anona C. Earls

Erin Clary

Jane Greenberg

Aaron Kirschenfeld

Angela P. Murillo

W. Davenport Robertson

Shea Swauger

William L. Anderson


The Data-At-Risk and Rescue Initiative (DARI), an extension of the international CODATA Data-at-Risk Task Group (DARTG), is investigating how to best document data rescue efforts. This poster reports on a metadata-driven content analysis, and presents a metadata scheme for documenting data rescue. Twenty data rescue projects were reviewed for background context, and seven metadata schemes in the areas of preservation and data description were analyzed via a content analysis. Version 1.0, Data Rescue metadata core, consisting of 13 core elements, is presented, and future directions are noted.

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Data Rescue, Metadata Schemes, Documentation, Endangered Data, Scientific Data., iPRES, Lisbon

Conferences, Conference 2013

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