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AUTNES Inter-Election Online Survey 2015


Sylvia Kritzinger

Christian Glantschnigg

David Johann

Kathrin Thomas

Julian Aichholzer

Konstantin Glinitzer

Johann Gründl

Patricia Oberluggauer

Markus Wagner


The Inter-election Online Survey 2015 was conducted by the Austrian National Election Study (http://www.autnes.at). It was carried out two years after the Austrian national election of 2013 and also covers the regional elections held in 2015 (“Landtags- und Gemeinderatswahlen”). A part of the respondents come from the 6th wave of the AUTNES Online Panel Study (ZA6594), you can find this study at the GESIS data archive (http://dx.doi.org/10.4232/1.12647).

The documentation is only available in English. Questionnaires and data are available in German and English. The following files are available for downloading:

English documentation/codebook: AUTNES_inter-election_2015_cod_en.pdf

English data set: AUTNES_inter-election_2015_en_v1-0-0.dta
German data set: AUTNES_inter-election_2015_de_v1-0-0.dta

English questionnaire: AUTNES_inter-election_2015_que_en.pdf
German questionnaire: AUTNES_inter-election_2015_que_de.pdf

To cite the data and documents please refer to the information provided here and include the permanent identifier (http://phaidra.univie.ac.at/o:471784) or the provided handle.

The data are available for non-profit use without restrictions.

The AUTNES, its Principal Investigators, and the funding institutions neither take responsibility for the use of the data or interpretations and inferences based on their use, nor do they accept liability for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or losses arising from use of the data.

In order to facilitate exchange within the scientific community and to provide the funding agencies with essential information about the use of archival resources, users of the AUTNES data are asked to notify the AUTNES team of publications based on its data.

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Media consumption, use of social networks, economic situation, attitudes towards immigrants, media trust, political consumerism, Single Category Implicit Association test (SC-IAT), regional elections (Styria, Upper Austria, Vienna, Burgenland)