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The Ties that Bind - On the Impact of Losing a Consortium Member in a Cooperatively Operated Digital Preservation System: Paper - iPRES 2016 - Swiss National Library, Bern


Michelle Lindlar


  Swiss National Library, Bern


Cooperatively operated digital preservation systems offer institutions of varying size the chance to actively participate in digital preservation. In current times of budget cuts they are also a valuable asset to larger memory institutions. While the benefits of cooperatively operated systems have been discussed before, the risks associated with a consortial solution have not been analyzed in detail. TIB hosts the Goportis Digital Archive which is used by two large national subject libraries as well as by TIB itself. As the host of this comparatively small preservation network, TIB has started to analyze the particular risk which losing a consortium member poses to the overall system operation. This paper presents the current status of this work-in-progress and highlights two areas: risk factors associated with cost and risk factors associated with the content. While the paper is strictly written from the viewpoint of the consortial leader/ host of this specific network, the underlying processes shall be beneficial to other cooperatively operated digital preservation systems.

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