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Summer School »Between Geometry and Relativity«. Teil 14: Richard Schoen: Positive Energy Theorems 6


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Summer School »Between Geometry and Relativity«

Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung des Internationalen Erwin Schrödinger Instituts für Mathematik und Physik (ESI) am Mittwoch, dem 19. Juli 2017 im Lise Meitner-Hörsaal der Fakultät für Physik

Teil 14: Richard Schoen: Positive Energy Theorems 6

Kamera: Lilian Nowak, Johannes Sauer, Daniel Winkler
Schnitt: Daniel Winkler

Abstract: We will introduce positive energy/mass problems in general relativity and discuss methods for solving some of them. The methods will involve minimal hypersurfaces and marginally outer trapped surfaces and require an understanding of existence problems as well as the second variation and stability notions for these hypersurfaces. We will also introduce Penrose inequalities which give stronger versions of positive energy theorems for black hole spacetimes. We will describe the flow approaches which have been developed to prove the Riemannian Penrose inequality.

Richard Schoen ist Professor am Department of Mathematics der University of California.


Kapitel Titel Position
1. Vorspann 00:00:00
2. Geometry of minimal slicings 00:00:10
3. A regularity theorem for the slicings 00:12:50
4. Singular points and tangent cones 00:20:51
5. Dimension of the singular set 00:36:12
6. Rescaling the eigenfunctions 00:45:00

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