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CoQuS II Kick-Off Workshop. Teil 17. Antonio di Domenico: Tests of Quantum Mechanics and CPT Symmetry in the Neutral Kaon System


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CoQuS II Kick-Off Workshop, also honouring Reinhold Bertlmann's 65th Birthday

Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung von Universität Wien, Technischer Universität Wien und Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung am Freitag, dem 1. Oktober 2010 im Christian-Doppler-Hörsaal der Fakultät für Physik der Universität Wien

Teil 17. Antonio di Domenico (Università di Roma): Tests of Quantum Mechanics and CPT Symmetry in the Neutral Kaon System

The neutral kaon system offers a unique possibility to perform fundamental tests of CPT invariance, as well as of the basic principles of quantum mechanics. The most recent limits on several kinds of possible CPT violation and decoherence mechanisms are reviewed, with special emphasis on results obtained by the KLOE experiment at the DAFNE e+e- collider. No deviation from the expectations of quantum mechanics and CPT symmetry is observed, while the precision of the measurements is remarkable, and in some cases reaches the interesting Planck scale region. The extension of this physics program, including e.g. a possible realization of a kaonic quantum eraser, with the KLOE-2 experiment at the upgraded DAΦNE machine is also discussed.


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1. Vorspann 00:00:00
2. Neutral kaons 00:00:25
3. CPT violation in the neutral kaon system 00:07:41
4. The KLOE detector at DAΦNE 00:13:22
5. Test of quantum decoherence 00:20:04
6. Tests of Lorentz invariance and CPT symmetry 00:30:54
7. Future plans: KLOE-2 at upgraded DAΦNE 00:35:35

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