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Studies in European Language Diversity: (previously: Working Papers in European Language Diversity)


Johanna Laakso


Hajnalka Berényi-Kiss


Studies in European Language Diversity (until Vol. 21, Working Papers in European Language Diversity) is a publication series serving as an outlet for research findings, individual case studies, background or spin-off research arising from the research project ELDIA (European Language Diversity for All) or related interests.

To ensure the academic quality of SELD, all publications appearing in the series are peer-reviewed.

The series is published in electronic format on the Internet only, and access to the publications is free of charge. The language of SELD is English, but parallel versions of individual publications can be published in other languages as well.


Kari Djerf (Helsinki)
Riho Grünthal (Helsinki)
Anna Kolláth (Maribor)
Johanna Laakso (Wien) – editor-in-chief
Helle Metslang (Tartu)
Karl Pajusalu (Tartu)
Anneli Sarhimaa (Mainz)
Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark (Mariehamn)
Helena Sulkala (Oulu)
Reetta Toivanen (Helsinki)

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European Language Diversity for All, language diversity, language contact, multilingualism, venacular langauge, minority language

European Projects, Socio-economic sciences and the humanities

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o:80724 1. Hungarian in Austria : An Overview of a Language in Context
o:591059 29. Estonian in Finland: ELDIA Case-Specific Report
o:591057 29.2. Eesti keel Soomes: ELDIA uuringuaruanne
o:591056 29.1 Viron kieli Suomessa: ELDIA-projektin tuloksia: lyhennelmä tutkimusraportista
o:471733 27. Karelian in Finland: ELDIA Case-Specific Report
o:439341 30.2 Eesti keel Saksamaal: ELDIA uuringuaruanne
o:439340 30.1 Estnisch in Deutschland: ELDIA Fallbericht: Zusammenfassung
o:439339 30. Estonian in Germany: ELDIA Case-Specific Report
o:409756 27.4 Karjalan kieli Šuomešša: ELDIA-projektin tulokšie
o:409755 27.3 Karjalan kieli Suomes: ELDIA-projektan tuloksie
o:409754 27.2 Karjalan kieli Suomes: ELDIA-projektan tuloksii
o:409753 27.1. Karjalan kieli Suomessa: ELDIA-projektin tuloksia
o:369606 34. Dangers and Developments: On Language Diversity in a Changing World
o:361124 31.2 Nordsamisk i Norge: Sammendrag av ELDIA-delstudierapport
o:361123 31.1 Davvisámegiella Norggas: ELDIA-prošeavtta dáhpáhusdutkamušraportta oaniduvvon veršuvdna

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