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Event: Researchers Engagement. Use Cases of Data Management in Research.
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Event on RDM on 23rd September 2019 at University of Vienna, organsised by the University Library Vienna (Department of Repository Management PHAIDRA-Services) and the Vienna University Computer Center (Software Design and Development). Speakers: Connie Clare (Keynote, University of Nottingham, Technical University Delft), Gerhard F. Ecker (University of Vienna), Simon Ganahl (University of Vienna), Uta Heil (University of Vienna), Wolfgang Kraus (University of Vienna), Karel Kriz (University of Vienna), Alexander Pucher (University of Vienna), Andreas Rauber (Technical University Vienna) 10:00 Welcoming Adress: Maria Seissl (Head of University Library Vienna), Susanne Blumesberger (Head of Department Repository Management PHAIDRA-Services, University Library Vienna) 10:30 Introduction: Raman Ganguly (Vienna University Computer Center, Head of Software Design and Development) 11:00-11:30 Connie Clare: Keynote "Community-based models for engaging researchers with research data: Networks of Data Champions" 12:00-12:30 Wolfgang Kraus: "An archive for ethnographic data at the Vienna University Library: strategies and insights" 14:00-14:30 Simon Ganahl: "Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in the Humanities" 14:30-15:00 Uta Heil: SOLA - "Sunday Online in Late Antiquity". A new database and its problems" 15:00-15:30 Karel Kriz, Alexander Pucher: "Mapping the world - Challenges of a multi-disciplinary collaboration project in developing a ubiquitous topographic map framework" 16:00-16:30 Andreas Rauber: "Next Generation Data Infrastructures: From Data Dumps to Data Services" 16:30-17:00 Gerhard F. Ecker: "In silico toxicology - it's all about data" Location: University of Vienna, Sky Lounge, Oskar Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna.
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