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Green chromatic coordinates (GCC) dataset of Phenocam from 2021
Phenology of the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl
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Datasets corresponding to the publication: Buchsteiner, C.; Baur, P.A.; Glatzel, S. (2023): Spatial Analysis of Intra-Annual Reed Ecosystem Dynamics at Lake Neusiedl Using RGB Drone Imagery and Deep Learning. Remote Sensing, 15, 3961. Temporal dataset of the Phenocam attached to the Eddy Covariance Tower, facing northwest and located in the eastern reed belt of Lake Neusiedl (near Ilmitz). The Phenocam has been studying the phenological changes of the reed plant (Phragmites australis) in 2021 and is equipped with a normal digital camera that captures RGB images every hour during the day. The Phenocam dataset has a daily time stamp and contains processed and filtered Green Chromatic Coordinates (GCC) values. Format of Phenocam datset: CSV Temporal interval: daily Temporal coverage: 2021 Coordinates of Phenocam (Eddy Covariance Tower): 47.769150°N, 16.758482°E
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ReedPhragmites australisLake NeusiedlIllmitzgreen chromatic coordinatesRGBvegetation indexPhenocamphenology
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ÖFOS 2012 -- 105405 -- Geoecology
Subject (eng)
ÖFOS 2012 -- 106030 -- Plant ecology
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ÖFOS 2012 -- 106026 -- Ecosystem research
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Buchsteiner, C.; Baur, P.A. (2023): Spatial and intra-annual datasets on reed ecosystem dynamics at Lake Neusiedl of 2021 using RGB drone imagery, Phenocam and Deep Learning. V1. PHAIDRA Repositorium (University of Vienna).
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Reed Belt of Lake Neusiedl Research Site
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