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Summer School »Between Geometry and Relativity«. Teil 12: Justin Corvino: Constructing Initial Data for Einstein Equations 4


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Summer School »Between Geometry and Relativity«

Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung des Internationalen Erwin Schrödinger Instituts für Mathematik und Physik (ESI) am Mittwoch, dem 19. Juli 2017 im Lise Meitner-Hörsaal der Fakultät für Physik

Teil 12: Justin Corvino: Constructing Initial Data for Einstein Equations 4

Kamera: Lilian Nowak, Johannes Sauer, Daniel Winkler
Schnitt: Daniel Winkler

Abstract: Initial data sets for the Einstein equation must satisfy a nonlinear elliptic system, the Einstein constraint equations. We formulate the constraint equations in the context of initial data sets, and develop methods to produce solutions of these equations. In particular, we will discuss interesting solutions which can be constructed by gluing techniques. Such techniques can be used for connecting multiple initial data sets, or for understanding the asymptotic structure of isolated systems.


Kapitel Titel Position
1. Vorspann 00:00:00
2. Localized deformation and gluing 00:00:10
3. Fischer-Marsden analysis. Static potential 00:07:55
4. Localized deformation theorem 00:21:16
5. Application: Localized CSC gluing 00:36:44
6. Gluing and asymptotics 00:40:30

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