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InKreate Data Management Plan (DMP)
Open AIRE Austria
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This deliverable defines the management life-cycle for all data that will be collected, processed or generated during the project. This deliverable contains: - What data the project will generate - Whether and how it will be made accessible and - How it will be maintained and preserved. New versions of the DMP will be created whenever important changes to the project occur (due to inclusion of new data sets, changes in consortium policies or external factors). The data will be preserved in an open repository agreed by the partners, for example the DIGITAL.CSIC ( or the institutional repository of the Politechnical University of Valencia (
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INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies
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These Data Management Plans are public documents downloaded from CORDIS and made available according to the CORDIS Licence available at . Users are advised to consult the individual data management plans for any restrictions in re-use; PHAIDRA and OPENAIRE Austria accept no liability.
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