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DMP Use Case Project
OpenAIRE Austria
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1. Context Data are increasingly conceptualized as inherently valuable products of scientific research and research funders both on the international and on the national level increasingly require open data and good data management in the projects they fund. In Horizon 2020, the European Commission ran an initial research data pilot scheme (ORD Pilot) which was extended to the whole programme as of the work programme 2017. A key component is the obligation to create a Data Management Plan (DMP). In recent years, the objective to make data not only open but FAIR, findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable, has been gaining prominence as an important principle for such DMPs. 2. Methodology to establish a white list of publicly accessible DMPs As part of the “DMP Use Case Project”, undertaken on behalf of the EU funded OpenAIRE consortium, 1552 publicly available DMPs were initially downloaded from CORDIS. This collection contains a vetted white list of 839 DMPs, with was established in two stages: Stage 1: With the help of volunteers from OpenAIRE’s RDM taskforce the initial list of DMPs was manually screening according to the following questions: • Is the document in question really a DMP? in order to identify documents that had been wrongly classified as a DMP • Is the document really public? In order to identify documents that had been wrongly classified as public but in fact were set to restricted This initial screening resulted in 1053 DMPs that passed the screening. ERC DMPs are not included since these are not clearly marked as public. Stage 2: In stage two an automatic search for the word “copyright” was conducted. Any DMPs which include copyright were excluded in order to ensure that only those DMPs which are not IP protected are published. This results in a list of 841 DMPS which have passed both stages. 3. Disclaimers • Please note that content of the DMPs have not been quality reviewed – they are published as is and should not necessarily be taken as good practice cases. • These Data Management Plans are public documents downloaded from CORDIS and made available according to the CORDIS Licence available at https// . Users are advised to consult the individual data management plans for any restrictions in re-use; PHAIDRA and OPENAIRE Austria accept no liability. 4. Further information The project was conducted by Daniel Spichtinger, under supervision of Gerda McNeill. For further questions and queries please contact:
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