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7th Kuopio Conference 2022. Präsentationen und sonstiges Begleitmaterial
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7th Kuopio Conference 2022: Review and Renew - Changing Strategies in Collection Management Präsentationen im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung von Mittwoch, dem 7. bis Freitag, den 9. September 2022 in der Sky Lounge der Fakultät für Mathematik, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Wien Opening: Pentti Vattulainen: A History of Kuopio Conference Keynote 1: Alicia Wise: Time is the Thief of Memory. Book and journal publishing, open access and long-term digital preservation Keynote 2: Chris Banks: From pilot project to national UK shared collection and service: collaboration and trust-building Keynote 3: Hajo Boomgaarden: Books on Screen – Reading and Text Comprehension in the Digital Era Session 1.1: Steve O’Connor: Challenges facing Repository Libraries Session 1.2: Jacob Nadal and Erin Engle: Renew and Recycle - Developing Sustainable Preservation Strategies Session 1.3: Joseph Hafner: North/Nord - the Canadian Shared Print Network Session 2.1: Saskia Wenzel and Danielo Methke: De Gruyter Book Archive - Lessons learned from digitizing and archiving 270 years of academic content Session 2.2: Jasmin Lange: Preserving the Past - Digitizing and Archiving Primary Sources Session 2.3: Melissa Abbots: Does archiving matter? The value of archived content and future challenges for digital preservation Session 2.4: Gwen Evans and Steve Watson: How is the Science Literature Ecosystem Evolving and How Do We Ensure Its Availability? Session 2.5: Stephen Flockton: Archiving in OpenScience Driven Publishing Session 3.1: Hugh Murphy: “All Changed and Changed Utterly” – Managing Our Metadata to Manage Our Collections Session 3.2: Silke Sewing: The Application of the MARC 583 'Action Note' in Austria and Germany - Documentation and Evaluation in Support of Preservation and Archival Activities Session 3.3: Lena Hassel: bwLastCopies - Identifying the Last Copy: Activities in the German state of Baden-Württemberg Session 3.4: Anne Koivisto and Johanna Vesterinen: AIRUT Project - Interface and management for ISO 18626 based Interlibrary loans of National Repository Library of Finland Session 4.1: Andy Appleyard: Efficient and Sustainable Print Storage - Back to the Future Session 4.2: Foekje Boersma: Sustainable Climate Control for the Collections of the National Library of the Netherlands Session 4.3: Nadia Périgaud: The French national library will soon extend to Amiens Session 5.1: Gabrielle Richard and Guillaume Niziers: Cooperative Preservation Management of Academic Journals in French Higher Education Libraries Session 5.2: Gregory T. Eow: Shared Print Archiving in the United States - A State of the Field Session 5.3: Amparo Llorente: Challenges in preservation and conservation of CSIC's institutional resources Session 6.1: Daniel Tschirren und Mike Märki: The Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland (CSLS): a Model for Cost Reduction? Session 6.2: Claudius Herkt-Januschek: Speicherverbund Nord - A Regional Print Archiving Cooperative in Northern Germany Session 6.3: Karin Byström: First Steps Towards Shared Print Collaboration in Sweden Session 7.1: Cornelia Posch: On Site / Off Site / In Transit. Aspects of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management for Library Collections Session 7.2: Zoitsa Gkinni and Nikolas Sarris: Conservation at the National Library of Greece – the transition's Aftermath Session 7.3: Nikolaus Rappert: “Near, far, wherever they are…” Strategies for a Print-Book-Repository in Vienna
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