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Quantum [Un]Speakables II: 50 Years of Bell's Theorem
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Quantum [Un]Speakables II: 50 Years of Bell's Theorem Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung vom 19. bis 22. Juni 2014 im Lise Meitner-Hörsaal der Fakultät für Physik der Universität Wien - Teil 1: Welcome and Introduction - Teil 2: Mary Bell, Guest of Honor - Teil 3: David Mermin: Putting the Scientist into the Science - Teil 4: Paul Kwiat: Xtreme Nonlocality - Teil 5: Valerio Scarani: Quantum Correlations in Newtonian Space and Time - Faster Than Light Communication or Nonlocality - Teil 6: Caslav Brukner: Can Quantum-mechanical Description of Causal Relations Be Considered Complete? - Teil 7: Dagmar Bruß: Designing Bell Inequalities via Tsirelson Bounds - Teil 8: Gregor Weihs: A GHZ Experiment Under Strict Einstein Locality Conditions - Teil 9: Sven Ramelow: On Closing Loopholes in Bell Experiments - Teil 10: Helmut Rauch: Search for Hidden Variables in Neutron Experiments - Teil 11: Beatrix Hiesmayr: Testing Bell's Theorem in High Energy Physics - Teil 12: Rupert Ursin: Quantum Optics Experiments Using Satellites - Teil 13: Valerio Scarani: A Full State in a Single Number - Teil 14: Andrew White: Physics Above and Below the Bell Horizon - Teil 15: John M. Martinis: Superconducting Xmon Qubits with Gate Fidelity at the Surface Code Threshold - Teil 16: Barbara Kraus: The Maximally Entangled Set of Multipartite Quantum States - Teil 17. John F. Clauser: Some Bell’s Theorem Test Loopholes Added in the Last 36 Years - Teil 18: Markus Aspelmeyer: Entanglement in Massive Systems. What Do We Learn? - Teil 19: Michael Horne: On Spatial Entanglement Wavefunctions - Teil 20: Jeffrey Bub: Whose Information? Information About What? - Teil 21: Reinhold Bertlmann: Magic Moments with John Bell - Collaboration and Friendship - Teil 22: Otfried Gühne: Analyzing Multiparticle Quantum States - Problems and Solutions - Teil 23: Antonio Acin: Quantum Non-locality - A Resource for Information Processing - Teil 24: Robert Spekkens: On Causal Explanations of Quantum Correlations - Teil 25: Marek Zukowski: Non-locality? It Ain't Necessarily So - Teil 26: Terence Rudolph: My Struggle to Face up to Un-reality - Teil 27: Harald Weinfurter: Heralded Entanglement Between Distant Atoms - Towards a Loophole Free Test of Bell's Inequality? - Teil 28: Adan Cabello: Quantum Correlations - Where, How and Why - Teil 29: Marissa Giustina: Bell Violation with Entangled Photons, Free of the Fair Sampling Assumption - Teil 30: Daniel Greenberger: The Role of Mass and Proper Time in Quantum Mechanics - Teil 31: Howard Wiseman: Causation and the Two Bell's Theorems of John Bell - Teil 32: Renato Renner: The Freedom of Choice Assumption and Its Implications - Teil 33: Jan-Åke Larsson: Bell Violation with Entangled Photons, Free of the Coincidence-time Loophole - Teil 34: Andrew Whitaker: John Bell and Quantum Information Theory - Teil 35: Reinhard Werner: Steering, and Maybe Why Einstein Didn’t Go All the Way to Bell’s Argument - Teil 36: Simon Kochen: Quantum Mechanics in a New Key - Teil 37: Anton Zeilinger: New Dimensions for Entangled Photons - Festvortrag: Alain Aspect: From Einstein's Intuition to Quantum Bits - A New Quantum Age Zusatzmaterialien: - Feature zur Bell-Konferenz 2014 - Trailer zur Bell-Konferenz 2028 - Nadine Dörre talks with John Clauser - Magdalena Zych talks with Simon Kochen
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Quantenphysik, Bellsches Theorem
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